CIS CONNECTED is A Full Service Telecommunications Company Specializing in Mission-Critical Solutions to the World’s Largest and Most Demanding Businesses.

CIS CONNECTED is Now Uniquely Positioned to Offer A Select Group of Small and Medium Size Enterprises… EXTREME SAVINGS.

As the business enterprise undergoes rapid changes and paradigm shifts, we are meeting the challenges of building a new generation of network architectures. CIS CONNECTED effectively integrates Voice, Video, Push-to-Talk and High Speed Data.

By employing a highly specialized and focused group of professionals CIS CONNECTED has an unparalleled record of meeting and exceeding Client’s expectations especially in the financial services community for over 6 years.

With offices in Chicago, Ohio and New York, CIS CONNECTED skillfully designs and engineers infrastructures that provide the reliability and security to meet the challenges and dynamic requirements of the medium size business environment from converged networks to E-business solutions. Our Clients have been consistently impressed with our collective ability to streamline the process from design stage to integrating proven technologies and disciplines. Joining forces with business partners: PaeTec, Adtran, and ShoreTel we have created THE CIS CONNECTED PORTAL IACS (Integrated Access Communication System).

We have enjoyed a very strong relationship with our selective client base by simply Delivering What We Promise Leading-edge Technology, Excellent Service and THE PORTAL TO EXTEME SAVINGS.

MDRC now passes the 5 year mark as a customer of CIS Connected The first Not-for-Profit customer reaches a milestone

NEW YORK, NY. - Apr.06, 2010 -
CISconnected is pleased to announce that its inaugural Not-for-Profit customer, MDRC, has now passed the 5 year anniversary of its network implementation. MDRC, a leading non-profit, non-partisan social policy research organization continues to be an important ongoing customer for CISconnected and has acted as a key springboard for CISconnected into this market.

"When we looked at this market we quickly understood that they were not being given the solutions that they deserved. We knew that we were more agile and more responsive than their suppliers had been to date and we could make a difference" said Daniel Gibson, President of CISconnected.

It represented a new challenge for CISconnected, who had understood that the demands for services in that market were just as critical as in the enterprise market, but that no-one had understood the type of financial demands placed upon their customers, nor the size and importance of some of these installations.

"CISconnected has delivered multiple T1s, Data Circuits, as well as international Toll-Free lines to us in the last five years. I cannot tell you how good a choice they were. We have never been without service, I have had almost no trouble tickets and the cost is lower than previous suppliers by nearly 50%". said Paul Feliu Director of IT for MDRC "I was a customer of a bigger supplier in the past and CIS Connected has delivered a solution with no outages and with a level of service response and attention to detail that has made me happy to recommend them to any other potential customer".

To date CISconnected has delivered 7 T1's, a Data DS3 and 7 domestic and 3 international Toll-Free lines to MDRC.

About MDRC
MDRC was created to learn what works in social policy - and to make sure that the evidence produced informs the design and implementation of policies and programs. Created in 1974 by the Ford Foundation and a group of federal agencies, MDRC is best known for mounting large-scale evaluations of real-world policies and programs targeted to low-income people. MDRC helped pioneer the use of random assignment - the same highly reliable methodology that is used to test new medicines - in the evaluation of such policies and programs. In some cases, they work with others to design path breaking initiatives and then subject those initiatives to rigorous testing.

About CISconnected, LLC CISconnected is a full-service telecommunications company specializing in Mission-Critical solutions for the world's most demanding enterprises. Powered by a team of industry professionals, CISconnected is focused on delivering extreme dollar savings to US based companies

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