The CIS Connected PORTAL™ Solutions Portfolio

CIS Connected's Integrated Access Communication System (IACS) solutions are as broad as the nationwide markets we serve and as specific as the individual needs of your business. We bring extraordinary experience and flexibility to tailoring individual solutions for our customers and we back it up with excellent customer service.

We have enjoyed a very strong relationship with our selective client base by simply Delivering What We Promise

Leading-edge Technology, Excellent Service and THE PORTAL TO EXTREME SAVINGS.

Voice Services

World-class network technology coupled with vast experience allows us to deliver the highest level of quality and reliability at wholesale for our select client base.

  • Integrated T1
  • Local & Long Distance Operator Services
  • Audio and Wed Conferencing
  • Most favored International

The most advanced data protocols on our high-speed optical backbone are key to providing the data solutions you need, with maximum security, reliability and availability.  You won’t find more robust capabilities anywhere.

  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Managed VPN with MPLS
  • Security Solutions

Data Services

Communications Management Software &
Customer Premise Equipment

An integrated software suite that provides advanced workflow optimization.

CIS Connected provides consultation, integration and post-installation support of world-class technology.

  • Telephone Solutions (PBX, Trader Turrets
  • Data & Voice Convergence
  • Installation & Support
  • Cabling
  • Disaster Recovery

Professional and Managed Services

From consulting to complete project management, CIS Connected skillfully designs and engineers infrastructures that provide the reliability and security to meet the challenges and dynamic requirements of the medium-size business environment. 

From converged networks to E-business solutions to turnkey operations, our expertise in managing technology at your site means savings and peace of mind.

  • Infrastructure Integration
  • Installation & Support
  • Campus link Services

Local Voice Services

Sophistication Made Simple
The elegant exterior of CIS Connected’s local telephone service offerings masks the remarkable technical sophistication underneath - sophistication which you may never see, but which you’ll use every time you pick up the telephone. Simplicity and sophistication - these are the hallmarks of the CIS Connected’s voice services at wholesale for our select client base.

Advantage Business Lines
With Advantage Business Line you receive back-up service form CIS Connected’s T1’s and the ability to serve remote branch locations with individual business lines with a range of custom calling features.  You no longer have to manage multiple telecom providers to meet all your telecom needs.

A Single Point of Contact
When you have a single provider, there’s just one call to make: To activate your Advantage Business Line service,  To resolve service issues, To add services, To discuss ways to improve your telecom operation and just one easy to read and understand invoice. Now you’re in better control of all your telecom expenses.

A Choice of Flexible Custom Calling Features
You no longer have to accept bundled features that you don’t really want or need.  With Advantage Business Line you choose the calling options that meet your exact needs.  Choose from over 20 productivity-enhancing features including Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forward, Remote Call Forward, 3 Way Calling and Speed Calling.  Features are sold a la carte, or in packages of any three, 6 or 10 features all for one low price.

Long Distance Voice Services

No Compromises and a Consultative Approach
CIS Connected’s domestic long distance services provide reliable solutions to the long distance calling needs of any organization, large or small at wholesale for our select client base.

There’s no need to compromise: savings, the latest technology, outstanding service - - you get it all. We take a consultative approach, analyzing the needs of your business and offering products on a standalone or bundled basis.

A Comprehensive Portfolio
CIS Connected offers switched, dedicated and most favored international long distance telephone services.  We also offer a suite of 800 number services and features to accommodate a variety of customer applications at a low fixed monthly rate.

Data Services

Trending Toward Data
The trend in the telecommunications industry is clear; usage of traditional circuit-switched voice networks is on the decline. Advances in technology have permitted modern packet-switched data networks to replace circuits because of the enormous benefits in efficiency, power, flexibility and cost that they represent - - even for voice.

Next-Generation Networks
CIS Connected has partnered with world-class technology providers to create superb data network services that meet or exceed the highest service standards in the industry. Today CIS Connected’s data services include high-speed Internet access and Virtual Private Network (VPN) services over leased lines (T1/fractional T1) and over a variety of alternative access methods.


Moving Forward
This is only the beginning.  As network architectures, protocols and technologies evolve, CIS Connected will lead the way in transforming these new capabilities into enhanced value for our customers.

Software Solutions

All organizations everywhere are being asked to do more with less. Communications departments are no different. With the explosion of bandwidth and infrastructure requirements, organizations are searching for a way to maintain control over their expanding communications networks and while utilizing their scarce resources more efficiently.

As organizations rapidly expand and their operational responsibilities grow, they need a single, unified tool to help them manage their costs, inventory customer care and service provisioning processes, billing and cable plant.

CIS Connected recognizes these ever-increasing challenges that organizations face and offers consulting to address these multiple operational issues in a comprehensive, integrated application that enables communications departments to operate at peak efficiency.

Customer Premise Equipment

Invigorate your Data Center
Competitive businesses can’t afford to waste valuable resources on outdated, inefficient, or improperly implemented data center technology.  There’s a better way – The PORTAL™ IACS.

World-Class Technologies
From turnkey cabling solutions and IP Telephony to sophisticated video conferencing, CIS Connected’s integrated solutions for Customer Premise Equipment offer a comprehensive suite of world-class networking capabilities that will modernize your infrastructure and improve your bottom line.

Comprehensive Solutions
Network design, routing and switching of voice and packet networks, physical plant analysis, secure Internet solutions, fiber optics and network control systems -  these are only a subset of the extraordinary, integrated solutions that CIS Connected offers.

Sophistication Made Simple
Improve your efficiency. Extend your capability, Rationalize your operational costs, Ease your administrative overhead. Invigorate your data center today with Integrated Customer Premise Solutions from CIS Connected.

Please Contact Us today.  We’ll customize your PORTAL To EXTREME SAVINGS.